Healthcare Professional
You can take an appointment with Dr Swati at any of the clinic address mentioned on website in New Delhi. She offers consultation and treatment for a wide range of problems and also does Hair Regrowth and Facial aesthetic treatments.
Talk Show
Her Show as Medical expert 'Apna Khayal Rakhen ' is currently on air on Tata Sky Active Beauty ,channel number 119. Her flagship show 'Dr Swati Show' airs on News 24 channel . Show has a huge following of people participating from all across the country and many imminent people from all walks of life feature on the show .The show also gives useful tips on diet and exercises apart from relevant medical information.
Debates on Television
Dr Swati is frequently invited for debates on National television on a wide range of healthcare and social issues. She covers Topics like general diseases, child health, quit smoking programmes,women safety , health & pollution,wellness etc.
Corporate tie ups
Dr Swati works with International organisations like Wockhardt Foundation,STIR Foundation , Dianik Bhaskar on several health and social issues. Her work on JIVA and SHUDHU have covered important topics like sanitary napkins and pure drinking water.She is working with some leading NGOs on various other social issues plaguing our society and soon there will be more work out on the same for public awareness & benefit.